About Us

We are a team dedicated to safe and responsible natural gas and oil exploration in the province of New Brunswick. We began our exploration program in 2010, and continue today within our licence areas, with a focus on better understanding the geology of the region and its potential for natural gas and oil.

In March 2010, the Province of New Brunswick accepted our bid for a licence to search, exploring 1 million hectares (2.5 million acres) in the province. We are committed to invest approximately $47 million CAD in the province.

SWN Resources Canada, Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Southwestern Energy Company. Founded in 1929, Southwestern Energy is a growing North American company, with more than 2,300 employees, that focuses on the exploration and production of oil and natural gas. To find out more about Southwestern Energy Company, visit www.swn.com.

What others are saying about us:
"I spent 28 years working in the energy industry before finally having the opportunity to work in the Maritimes, closer to my home and family. I joined SWN in May 2013 to work on their exploration program. Not having to be away from my kids for months at a time to work in this industry was an incredible feeling. Over the years, I have worked with many different companies, all of which had their own ways of getting things done. Whenever there was any question of how to proceed with any aspect of the project SWN’s management team always made a conscious effort to go above and beyond all industry standards. Not only am I happy to be working closer to home but am a firm believer that SWN is a company I can be proud to work with."
Andy Morris
Field Supervisor
Moncton, NB

Our Approach

Creating Balance

The pioneering spirit found throughout our company guides our work every day. We have a commitment and passion for doing things the right way and for achieving something greater together than any of us could achieve on our own.

We're focused on:

  • Exploring for new energy resources
  • Minimizing impact on the environment
  • Creating new jobs
  • Supporting our communities
  • Collaborating with others
  • Leveraging technology
  • Creating exceptional value

Our Formula

Nearly every day people ask what our company’s Formula means. Simply put, it’s the way we go about our business. Our Formula represents an engaging and compelling vision that evokes thoughtful action. It compels us to make good decisions; it motivates and encourages us to surpass even our highest goals. It is an ever-present reminder to create exceptional value and to be “the Right People doing the Right Things.”

The principles behind the Formula are what drive us to invest in communities and work in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, striving to enhance the quality of life wherever we have operations.

Decoding the Formula

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Our Commitment to Safety

Health, safety and the environment are top priorities in all areas of our planning, design and operation. We strive to be health and safety activists and good stewards of the environment in every phase of our business.

Training of personnel is a key component to the success of our company's health, safety and environmental management program. Health, safety and the environment are a part of our everyday life, and we have developed a system to achieve specific goals and minimize our operational footprint. Led by a team of experienced professionals, the HS&E department works with all areas of the company to guide and support our business activities to:

  • Identify potential environmental impacts and, where practical, minimize our operational footprint
  • Monitor, measure and verify HS&E; performance
  • Train employees on HS&E; issues
  • Ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Strive for continuous improvement
  • Collaborate with local communities and provincial regulatory agencies

SWN Resources Canada uses national safety programs and has developed and implemented our own safety-focused training to ensure we're doing all we can to give employees the tools they need to perform their job in a healthy, safe and environmentally responsible manner.

What others are saying about us:
“Although I only worked for SWN for a short time it was an unbelievable experience! They provided safety for all employees and that made each person feel comfortable with their surroundings. Everyone from SWN was great to work with and showed a great deal of respect to all workers. Having the opportunity to take on a job in New Brunswick was fantastic as it was closer to home. I would definitely say they did their job right. Thumbs up for SWN.”
Norman Harris

United States Operations

SWN Resources Canada, Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Southwestern Energy Company, an integrated company whose other wholly-owned subsidiaries are engaged in oil and gas exploration and production, natural gas gathering and marketing in the United States. Founded in 1929, Southwestern Energy Company is headquartered in Houston, Texas and, together with its subsidiaries, has over 2,300 employees.

Southwestern Energy Company began operating in Arkansas 80 years ago and now produces primarily natural gas from more than 38,000 hectares (1.5 million acres) of land and expanded operations into Louisiana, Texas, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Colorado and New Brunswick, Canada.

To find out more about Southwestern Energy Company and its operations visit www.swn.com/operations